You are a connoisseur of fine living. And every bit
of your home is a reflection of that. So, why should
your home decor remain hidden?
Kaashian Interiors brings you a range of premium
modular kitchens that are designed for the spotlight.
Kitchens that draw your attention. That start
conversations. That make you want to flaunt them.
With high-quality products and an international
sense of style, a Johnson Kitchen is the perfect
space to showcase the master chef in you. Let the
fanfare begin.


KAASHIAN INTERIORS was established in 2013
and is the pioneer of home decor & home
renovation in Varanasi & Delhi NCR. Over the
past five year, the company has expanded its
portfolio of service to include a range of end-toend home styling solutions. The categories offered
now include furniture designing, tiles, sanitary
ware and bathroom fittings, wooden flooring, false
ceiling and of course, modular kitchens.
Equipped with its future-ready R&D department,
cutting-edge innovations and diversified product
portfolio, KAASHIAN INTERIORS is always
ahead of the times. Making it the most preferred
home lifestyle brand.


What exactly is a modular kitchen? It is simply a term used for the modern
kitchen furniture layout which is especially designed to optimize functionality and
the use of space. These kitchens use various modules (units) of cabinets that are
crafted out of diverse materials and hold kitchen accessories inside.
The basic structure of a modular kitchen is extremely practical. The units on the
floor are called ‘base cabinets’ and serve as the foundation for the kitchen worktop
which is usually made out of granite, marble, tile or wood. The ones fastened on the
wall for storage purposes are known as ‘wall cabinets’. There is even a ‘tall storage
unit’ created for smaller kitchens and apartments.
While these modules form the framework, a modular kitchen also constitutes
wooden cabinets, counter tops, internal accessories, as well as electro
gadgets like a chimney, hob, built
-in oven and sink. In some high
-end kitchens, a
refrigerator and dishwasher may also be included.
A designer usually creates the kitchens using modules of standardized sizes that can
be adapted to individual spaces. The modules are used in various combinations to
get a range of modular kitchens. So, it’s never too difficult to find one that will suit
exactly what you need.

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